Special 01 – Interview with Danny Creed on Entrepreneurship and Productivity


In the first Backwater Entrepreneur Special, I interview Danny Creed, international business coach with over 20 years of experience in coaching businesses. We dive into a discussion on what it means to be an entrepreneur, mistakes, mindset, drive, productivity and tools that can help you take your business to the next level.


Danny Creed is an international master business and executive coach, business consultant; trainer, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and international keynote and workshop speaker. (www.realworldbusinesscoach.com). He is a recognized expert in sales, management, and start-up business strategic planning. He is also a business turnaround and marketing specialist with a strong emphasis on business and personal development and growth strategies. Dan is an elite Brian Tracy International Certified Sales Trainer and a Founding Member Trainer and Facilitator of the Brian Tracy Global Corporate Training Courses and the Sales Success Intensive course. Coach Dan has over 13,000 recommendations and has logged to date over 14,000 business coaching, consulting and training hours. He has been involved with 14 successful start-up businesses and over 400 business turnaround challenges. Coach Dan is the unprecedented SIX-time recipient of the FocalPoint International Brian Tracy Award of Sales Excellence.

Some of Coach Dan’s career highlights include; o

  • Created the first interactive sales training course, widely considered the precursor to Google
  • Pioneered the first digital health information system creating the largest digital health information content library ever created
  • Led sales organizations for market-leading NASDAQ technology companies,
  • Defined, developed, and directed international sales training
  • Successfully sold to C-level executives in health care, telecom and US federal government verticals including the Department of Defense
  • Presentation team on three separate companies’ public offering
  • Internationally sought keynote and workshop speaker and trainer
  • Awarded by juried panel, the INAT Summit Mentor Laureate 2018 for most outstanding presentation, and the INAT Summit Man 2018, at the INAT Summit in Belgrade Serbia.

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