BWE Special 04 – Simplifying Marketing with Roger Edwards


Marketing can be very complicated and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter if you are a big company or a small one, everyone can benefit from taking a step back and seeing what they can simplify in their marketing. A simple approach to marketing can be much more effective, productive and easier to conduct and analyze than going through layers and layers of paperwork and analysis just for the sake of bureaucracy.

This episode’s guest is Roger Edwards. Roger helps people keep their marketing simple in a world where business bullshit and complexity threatens to stifle success.

An experienced marketing professional helping businesses with their marketing strategy, content, and social media, Roger clocked up many years in the ‘big corporate’ world as marketing director of several UK financial services brands before getting out of all that and starting his own consultancy.

He now uses his expertise to guide his clients in designing engaging campaigns and is known as a prolific content creator, podcaster, and an international keynote speaker. He’s the host of the popular Marketing and Finance Podcast.

As a qualified exercise class and yoga teacher Roger’s also been known to ask his clients to take off their ties, put on their trainers, taking their fitness, and well as their marketing, to the next level.

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