#08 BWE – Difference between entrepreneurs and startups /feat. Wiley Larsen


Nowadays we hear the word “startup” used for anything and everything, especially in the digital landscape. This is only partly true, and not every business can be considered as a startup. Some may disagree, and there is a point – to start any business from scratch, is a small startup but that is only a small piece of what it means to be a startup.

In this episode I talk about the difference between businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. Is every entrepreneur a startup and is every startup an entrepreneur?

Also, I had the chance to visit a guesting lecture of prof. Wiley Larsen Senior Program Manager at the Arizona State University Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, who chimed in with his opinion. Wiley Larsen runs a special department in his university, helping students and faculty create startups from their ideas, pairing them up with mentors, accelerator programs and launching businesses that can be self-sustained. I caught up with him after the lecture and asked him a couple of questions (it isn’t a classic studio interview, but I am sure you will appreciate his point of view).

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