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BWE Special 06 – When everything is against you.. interview /w Vuk Guberinic, CEO CarGo

You think you have it hard, with your marketing, lead generation, debt collection, product pivot… now imagine that your entire business environment is against you, the laws and the state are against you. Let me introduce Vuk Guberinic, a man who has fought for every step in his business, and still has a smile every day.

Listen to the story of CarGo, a Serbian version of Lyft and Uber, and all the obstacles that have been in their way from day one to now, from payment processor issues, courts, taxi protests and state laws threatening their business every day.

In spite of all that they have a thriving business, and every fight brings them more customers. 🙂


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Are you a Backwater Entrepreneur?

Creating a new business is easier than ever, or at least that’s what we are told. With the digital society being connected in the global marketplace and everything being available, no matter where you are it is easier to launch a business and offer your products or services no matter who you are targeting.

But launching a business idea, and making it work is not the same and being successful depends on so much more than just having balls to start and faith that you will make it.