Are you a Backwater Entrepreneur?


Creating a new business is easier than ever, or at least that’s what we are told. With the digital society being connected in the global marketplace and everything being available, no matter where you are it is easier to launch a business and offer your products or services no matter who you are targeting.

But launching a business idea, and making it work is not the same and being successful depends on so much more than just having balls to start and faith that you will make it.

Building and running a business, no matter if it is innovative, one of a kind, startup or just another spin-off digital service takes a true entrepreneurship spirit and more specifically time, money and effort that you are willing to sacrifice from your life. And I say sacrifice, because it will be a sacrifice.

It’s not going to be like coming to work for a company that is already on the market, that has clients, steady revenue and your only concern is what did you negotiate to be your salary. It’s gonna be blood and sweat and tears, and you are going to eat a lot of shit. A lot!

However, it can pay off big time. And by that I don’t mean only in money. Because if you are interested only in money – think about employment, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and get the money faster. Seriously.

So, why am I using the phrase Backwater Entrepreneur. We already established the entrepreneur part. The backwater part is describing what I said in the beginning of the text. If you are running or building a business, targeting the global marketplace (or just any audience that is not near you and is not within your social circles), no matter where you are – Europe, Asia, Africa, US… you’re in some kind of a backwater.

You are far away from the ocean that is your audience and you have to struggle twice as hard to reach them. What’s worse, they have no reason to trust you. They have never heard of you, they don’t know even where the fuck you are from. So you have to pay for every new face you want to add to your audience, and offer them quality, assurance and build incredible trust.

If you thought running a local business is hard, this is harder. Let me explain by an example with social circles I mentioned. When you start something, want to spread word of something… being that a new business, new service, crowdfunding campaign or just saying “Hey, I got a new blog post out”, what do you do. You go online, to social networks (usually) and share it.. right? You share it with your social circle, who then share it with their social circle and so on. Having a starting social circle is the key to this news getting to the most audience.

Now, imagine that your social circle has nothing to do with your TARGET audience for that news. You can share the news, but it will have no effect since it’s not for them. What now? You have to boost, target and pay for the campaign which will spread this one thing to a possible target audience. But, since that audience doesn’t know you, it will take time and numerous, consistent messaging and campaigns to get them active.

This is only one of the pains of the Backwater Entrepreneur. Besides all the other shit and hardship that all entrepreneurs go thorough.

Have I made you feel bad? Are you ready to give up?

Well, those who would give up based on this, are not meant to be entrepreneurs. I am betting most of you will read this and say, “Yeah! It’s hard as hell, but I am going to make it, and build the business in spite of it.”

For you, I can only say – welcome to the club, and go for it!

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